Prof. Dr. Veerle Cnudde

Weathering and conservation of natural building stones

Full professor

Prof. Dr. Tom Bultreys

Fluid flow in porous materials

Associate professor

Dr. Florian Buyse

3D characterisation of critical mineral resources

Post-doctoral researcher

Dr. Wannes Goethals

3D X-ray velocimetry algorithms

Post-doctoral researcher

Dr. Sojwal Manoorkar

Hydrogen storage in the subsurface

Post-doctoral researcher

Dr. Arjen Mascini

Image-based material characterization

IOF Platform Coordinator

Dr. Laurenz Schröer

EXCITE network

Post-doctoral researcher

Chandra Winardhi

Enhanced silicate weathering for negative CO2 emissions


Technical Staff

Daniëlle Schram

Technical staff

tel:+32 9 264 9676

PhD students

Soetkin Barbaix

Hydrogen storage in the subsurface

Hanne De Lathauwer

Improving the durability of (weathered) building stones

Sharon Ellman

Multiphase flow from the µm- to the cm-scale

Gülce Kalyoncu

Salt precipitation in porous media

Afsar Muhammad

Multi-scale characterization of the core structure of lightweight gypsum materials

Hamdi Omar

Linking pore-scale dynamics to electrical measurements in volcanic hydrothermal systems

Alejandra Reyes-Amezaga

Stone conservation using micro-organisms

Asim Siddique

Mineralogical characterization of particles

Robert van der Merwe

Fluid dynamics in porous media