PProGRess offers various services to members of Ghent University and external customers. Our areas of expertise lies in the petrographic analysis on natural building stones, technological tests on building materials and analysis of sediments. For micro-CT related services, we refer to UGCT.

We can perform petrographic analysis on natural building stones, technological tests on building materials, analysis of sediments.


PPRoGRess performs petrography on natural building stones, for the description and/or identification of this materials. This can be done for any building stone, but our main expertise in terms of analysis lies in building stones from Belgium and Northern France. Petrographic analysis is performed according to European Standard EN 12407:2007. For more information please contact professor Veerle Cnudde.

Building material tests

The tests we perform include (all performed and reported according to European Standards):

  • Determination of open porosity and apparent density - NBN EN 1936:2007
  • Determination of capillary water absorption - NBN EN 1925:1999
  • Determination of water absorption by submersion under atmospheric pressure - NBN EN 13755:2008
  • Determination of sound speed propagation - NBN EN 14579:2004
  • Determination of resistance to frost weathering - NBN EN 12371:2010
  • Determination of resistance to thermal shock - prEN 14066:2012
  • Determination of resistance to salt crystallization - NBN EN 12370:1999
  • Determination of technological properties of roofing slates - EN 12326:2011
    • Water absorption
    • Freeze-thaw resistance
    • Non-carbonate content
    • Carbonate content
    • Resistance to sulfur dioxide exposure
    • Thermal shock resistance
    • Petrographic examination

For the execution of technical tests on building materials (pressure strength, tensile strength, skid resistance,...) please contact our colleagues of Labo Magnel-Vandepitte.

Sediment anaylysis

Standard sediment analysis can be performed at our lab. Standard procedures include grain size analysis by sieving, particle size analysis with SediGraph, determination of organic matter content, determination of calcium carbonate content,...

For more information about these tests, please contact Danielle Schram.