1 January 2022

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has granted a Vici grant to Prof. Veerle Cnudde! In the Vici project BugControl, PhD students Ellie Buena and Alejandra Reyes-Amezaga will influence the role of moisture inside rocks by utilizing microbial activity in a positive manner.

Welcome Sharon Ellman

1 October 2021

PProGRess welcomes Sharon Ellman. She will investigate multiphase flow in porous rocks, with a focus on upscaling from the micrometer to the centimeter scale.

Welcome Dr. Mostafa Borji

1 August 2021

PProGRess welcomes Dr. Mostafa Borji. He will investigate pore-scale salt precipitation during underground energy storage and its effect on fluid flow using high-resolution X-ray imaging.

Funding for EXCITE project

1 May 2021

A research team with Veerle Cnudde as coordinator have secured a 5 million euro Horizon 2020 grant for their EXCITE project (Electron and X-ray microscopy Community for structural and chemical Imaging Techniques for Earth materials). The three-year project consists of fifteen partners from nine European countries, including the Centre for X-ray Tomography (UGCT) as one of the core partners.

Welcome Dulce Valdez Madrid

1 April 2021

PProGRess welcomes PhD student Dulce Valdez Madrid. Within the SUBLime project, Dulce will investigate the 3D multi-scale structural characterization and long-term performance related to efflorescence of lime mortars.

Welcome dr. Ben Callow

4 March 2021

PProGRess welcomes post-doctoral researcher Dr. Ben Callow. Within the MoCCha-CT project, Ben will investigate the effects of salt precipitation and mineral carbonation in porous media using X-ray dark-field imaging.

Some of our online datasets were used and awarded!

18 February 2021

Several of our online datasets available at digital rocks portal have been picked up by 3 award winners in the "Porous Media Visualization and Data Reuse Challenge"

award digital rocks portal

From left to right (with link to the original datasets): Static Image Category (3rd place) - Identifying Savonnieres Carbonate Ooliths , Video Category (3rd place) - Belgian fieldstone pores and solids and in the 3D Printing Category (3rd place) - Visualization of sandstone and a carbonate pore space surface.

Welcome Gülce Kalyoncu

1 September 2020

PProGRess welcomes PhD student Gülce Kalyoncu. She will investigate the impact of salt precipitation on the energy storage in the geological subsurface from the scale of pores up to storage reservoirs (km-scale).

2D-3D Scopy: Towards Reality in raw materials

17 July 2020

In the light of the 2D3DScopy project, involving post-doctoral researcher Margarita Merkulova and PhD student Jonathan Sittner, an entertaining science web video has been made to demonstrate the integration of 3D image data obtained by spectral X-ray computed tomography into process simulation. The video can be watched here .

Online webinar by Arjen Mascini

30 June 2020

On the 30th of June Arjen Mascini presented his latest publication 'Event-based contact angle measurements inside porous media using time-resolved micro-computed tomography' during the first Porous Media Tea Time Talks (PMTTT) , co-organized by PProGRess' post-doctoral researcher Tom Bultreys. Arjen's talk can be watched here . Read the full article here .

These talks will be held online every two weeks. If you don't want to miss these talks, you can subscribe to the PMTTT channel on YouTube.

Welcome Dr. Margarita Merkulova and Sebastiaan Godts

15 May 2020

PProGRess welcomes Dr. Margarita Merkulova (post-doctoral researcher) and Sebastiaan Godts (PhD student, BRAIN 2.0, project PREDICT)! The research of Margarita includes combined chemical and structural characterisation of mineral ore systems in 2D and in 3D with means of X-ray computed tomography. Sebastiaan will investigate phase transitions of salts under changing climatic conditions to predict salt crystallization damage and the formation of complex salt mixtures.